Currently Willa's Ramblings is accepting books for review!

I do NOT accept e-readers, because currently I have no way of reading them. Hopefully, this will change, but as of write now, I am not able to read ANY e-books. Print, on the other hand, if wonderful.

I am a pretty fast reader, so I can crank out some book reviews quite quickly and can finish your novel (if it's addicting) quite fast. But, if you need a review by a certain date, let me know and I'll work it out to best of my ability.

I am very limited to the books I can review and for that reason, I cannot accept most self-pubbed books I get for review. I apologize in advance if I deny your review request.

Publishing Houses...
I would love to review any YOUNG ADULT novel. I am open to every genre, all though I'm not a huge fan of religious or erotica novels. Please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

This is my review policy but I seriously am flattered every time I get a review request. If you're unsure about sending me a request, just try me. I don't bite, I promise.