Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big News!

So, world of blog readers, I have huge news! I would like to welcome my dear friend Meredith , author of to the Rambling's family! Of 2. So Meredith the amazing created my button, and is now my blog designer! I am so proud. The button:

Second on list of business, I have finished my outline for my book! I have a full and entire plan, so I can tell you something important. 
The Hospital Scene will not be in the book. I am desperately sorry.
Jackson and Jonah will be staying though, so you can go ahead and fall in love with which ever one you choose. I don't care. They are both fantastic!
Thirdly, I began another short story, The Photograph and the first section of that will be coming up Wednesday-ish. So expect that!
Fourthly, I just finished reading The Piper's Son (advanced reading copy, courtesy of my librarian who is ah-mazing) and I loved it! When it comes out on March 8th, I expect all of you to read it, and to let me know what you think! (You can comment on this post.)
Well, I just finished eating my lunch which consisted of a bowl of cereal.  I should probably go put it away. Good bye for now!

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