Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get Smart!

Last night I watched Get Smart, an utterly hilarious movie that the entire world should see.  This movie inspired me to write a story about a teen girl who is a spy, and is the best of her kind. Then some guy shows up, and teaches her to get to know people, and stop profiling.
What do ya' think? I think it could be cool, but first I have to finish my book before I can move onto anything else! I posted a short story I wrote last summer in the Short Stories section, and I hope you enjoy! (I think the title is pretty cool!)
Happy Writing!


  1. Isn't that a lot like Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl Books? With the spy thing? Hmm... other than that it sounds good.


  2. Thanks Meredith, I'll think about that!


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