Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Ideas Flowing!

My creative juices are flowing! Jumping from one story to another! Yay Willa!
So. My new idea that I love:
       April Phillips has lived with a circus troop her entire life. Her best friend is a contortionist, her boyfriend is a fire breather, her little brother is a mime in training, and April and her parents are trapeze artists. When her parents announce that their is moving to a normal town an is leaving the troop, April is devastated and excited. She is leaving behind everything she knows, but finally has a chance of being normal. April become a cheerleader and becomes popular. When Haven (best friend) and Zane (boyfriend) come and visit, April has to make a decision. Should she be "normal" or stick to what she knows best:
      That un-normal people are the best kind of people.

I am loving the circus aspect, but I'm running into a problem! I HAVEN'T BEEN TO A CIRCUS. So, if you have information, photos, video, or recommendations for the book, let me know! willasramblings@gmail.com

Love the wacky people!


  1. Great Idea! Whenever I hear good story ideas like yours, I wish I had thought them up. Oh well, at least someone thought of it. About the circus- I have gone to Cirque do Soleil (it's french) multiple times and I would be glad to share some stories with you. Keep Writing!

    Mint Tea and A Good Book

  2. That is the best story on your blog! I want to know what happens next and how Zane gets to the same school that she is at.


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