Friday, May 13, 2011

More Bending Backward!

Here is a tiny bit more. Have fun!

Chapter 3 ~ April
         Inside the main tent, the party has begun. The clowns are doing their act, which means that Sebastian is next.
         “Sebastian is next.” I whisper to Zane.
         “Where is he?” He asks, looking around the tent.
         “Probably backstage. Whining.” I say, and then we walk backstage. Sure enough, there’s Sebastian, throwing a fit.
         “I don’t like that rountine! It’s SO boring!” Sebastian whines at my mother.
         “Sebastian, it’s your best one.” My mom says, and then throws up her hands. “What, would you like to go out there and wing it?”
         “Sebastian, she’s right.” I cut in before he can respond. “It shouldn’t be me who has to tell you that.” I give him my all-knowing older sister look.
         “Fine.” He throws up his hands for effect and storms off to the corner to talk to his friends.
         “How do you do that?” My mo asks, rubbing her forehead.
         “No clue. Maybe it’s my sisterly love?”
         “Yeah, that’s what it is.” She smirks, and then walks toward my father to help him with his make up.
         “APRIL! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Haven’s red hair flying as she runs, making her look like fire.
         “I gotta go talk to Demitri,” Zane kisses my cheek and squeezes my hand, “Love you,” he says, and then walks away.

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