Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Book Review

Book Review: Breaking Dawn
Book by: Stephanie Meyer
Book Review by: Willa Smith
Release Date: August 2008 (already published)
Publisher: Little, Brown

      Bella and Edward's relationship has become something more - marriage. In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward are married, and Jacob is left angry and heartbroken. On their honeymoon at Esme Island, Bella discovers something she never thought could ever exist - a baby who's biological father is a vampire. Edward only wants to get it out of her, knowing it could easily kill her, but Bella already loves EJ - the name she chooses for the baby that she believes is a boy - and refuses.  So, the fight for Bella's life begins, and it excels faster than even Carlisle could ever imagine. Within about a day, Edward can hear it's thoughts, and Carlisle knows that Bella will be going into labor sooner than anticipated. When Bella does go into labor - if that's what you would call it - Edward has to change Bella into a vampire just to keep her alive, because EJ is suffocating her. The minute Renesmee - it's a girl - is born, the Cullen family's life changes, at least for a month. 
       Shortly after Renesmee is born, Alice sees something that stops everyone - the arrival of the Volturi to Forks, with one soul purpose, to kill Renesmee.  Immediately, the family splits up to find witnesses that Renesmee is not a immortal child*, as the Volturi expects. They collect 17 witnesses who all agree to stand with the Cullen family at the arrival of the Volturi, an event that scares everyone - especially Bella, because she has been charged with a new task, shield** everyone from the Volturi's talents. When the Volturi does finally arrive, no one expects the outcome to be what it is, an outcome that is something only Alice could make happen.
        Let me say this: I strongly dislike Bella's character. I always have, simply because she is so needy. She is needy of Edward, of Jacob, of her entire family. Take New Moon for example - she throws herself off a cliff for the sole reason of seeing Edward's face. Despite Bella and her neediness, the book and the series are fantastic. Meyer is an amazing writer, and constructs a book that draws you in and doesn't let you go for a while. I swear, I'll be thinking about Edward and Bella for a while. Meyer created a series with a surprising plot, fantastic characters - despite Bella, of course - and an amazing romance. Though I find some problems with the somewhat mature things in this book - marriage and then pregnancy - all around it is a 3 stars for me. (Bella's character really effected that rating.) The Cullen family is amazing, and as always, everyone loves Alice. 

* - an immortal child is a child turned to a vampire AFTER birth, and doesn't grow any. 
** - Bella discovers that what used to just be a gift that Edward and the Volturi couldn't use their powers on her can be used on a group of people, so the Volturi can't affect the witnesses in battle.

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