Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Poem: Contradictions

Last poem in The Blanton Collection, and my favorite.

Based on Summer Circle by Richard Long
On the outside,
we're all different.
We're words of the English language,
each differently spelled,
and oddly pronounced,
but we're all the English language.

We are all pieces of
a jagged puzzle.
Pieces of a puzzle
that should be
24 inches wider.

Somehow, we all end up
in the misshapen oval
revolving around the same

I wonder why we're
all united.
I wonder how we're all

I know that together
we could be something more,
than what we already are.
Already, I'm floating from our circle.
Already, I'm waiting for you to follow.

I stick out in our circle.
I stick out in our similar interest.
I'm longer, wider, lighter
than the rest.
I don't mind though.

From the side we look like cliffs,
Dangerously jagged,
Surprisingly tall, and
porcelain perfect,
all at the same time.

We may contradict each other,
we may separate a bit,
and we may float,
but truthfully?

We're all the same.

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  1. Willa
    I wrote an essay about this installation the summer before last when it was located out behind the Blanton.


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