Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We All Fall Down: Book Review

Book Review: We All Fall Down
Book by: Nic Sheff
Book Review by: Willa Smith
Release Date: April 2011 (already published)
Publisher: Little, Brown
         Nic Sheff started doing drugs at age 12 when his older brother's friend got a bag of weed, and Nic tagged along with them to smoke it. Right then, the drug addiction began. Pot, then crystal meth, then herion, then coke, and all of these drugs caused Nic to begin to spiral down. Rehabs? He got bored of the twelve-step process they tell you about the second rehab, and the methods to get out were simple enough. Say you've figured out you need to change, tell them you've found God, and explain how you are working on the twelve-step, and they'll eat it up. So, when Nic and his current girlfriend, Zelda are taken to rehab, Nic's third, all he can think about is leaving. He tells them all the right things, and is immediately put on visitation rights.
         Then, he meets Sue-Ellen, funny, understanding, supportive, and Nic is "in love", even though he is supposed to be. They make plans to leave, and when Nic and Sue-Ellen are discovered one night planning, Nic has to make a decision. Leave within an hour without Sue-Ellen, or go to an all-men rehab facility out in the middle of nowhere. Nic chooses leaving within an hour. He goes to Charleston with Sue-Ellen, where he is opened back up to drugs. Then alcohol, and suddenly, Nic is addicted to both.  Slowly, he is finishing the second half of his book (now Tweak) and once he sends it off, he leaves on a tour with his father, which changes him. Eventually, he moves back to LA and gets help from a psychiatrist who's diagnose of bipolar disease he actually believes, and joins a out-patient group. Nic is getting better, and has left Sue-Ellen, because he didn't love her. He's getting better, and this time, it might be permanent.
          This book is incredibly moving, in a dark and depressing way. The writing is okay- to many 'cuz, 'em, playin', etc. for my taste- but written in a way where you can feel Nic's personality through his words. There is a lot of language, so for someone who doesn't like much- or any- this bok could cause some problems for you. The content isn't soft and cute, it's something that will make you think and feel, and turn you away from drugs. It's a powerful book, and one I enjoyed for that reason. 2.7 stars.

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