Monday, July 18, 2011

Every You, Every Me: Review

This is a continuation of my David Levithan book spree!
Book Review: Every You, Every Me
Book by: David Levithan
Review by: Willa Smith
Release Date: September 13, 2011
Publisher: Knopf
     After Ariel leaves, Evan is alone. Sure, he has friends, but they aren't Ariel. Evan feels responsible for Ariel's disappearance, and one morning in the woods, he finds an envelope containing a photo. Of the exact spot where he is standing. There is more photographs, and Evan begins to think that someone knew what happened that night. But who is the photographer? What do they want with Evan? Where are they? How are they doing it? 
     This book is incredibly unique, and definitely one of a kind. The entire book - even at the end - I never knew what exactly Evan and Jack did to Ariel, but I did know what happened because of it. It was an interesting way of keeping the reader interested, because I felt like I needed to know what happened, and I felt like I had to discover the photographer with Evan. The world that Levithan creates is so delicate, and Ariel pulled it when she left. Evan, Jack, Fiona, and all of their friends are just holding on, still trying to figure out who she was. 
     I really enjoyed this novel, and Levithan is an amazing writer who always is successful with the most interesting and rare plot lines, and I always find pleasure in his writing. 

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