Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Multiple Exciting Things to Accomplish Today!

Big News:
In case all of you aren't on my I will send you constant updates of my proud moments of writing my book list, here is the current update:
81 Pages; 26, 958 Words; and 13 Chapters.
I'm proud. Very proud. I'm actually smiling like crazy. Not only because I just wrote an insanely romantic scene where my fingers couldn't move fast enough, but because I feel like I might finish. Wow. Happy Willa.
Second thing to accomplish!
2 Reviews. I know, TWO! WOW! 
They will be coming up next, and then something else awesome. Just because I love you guys.
A Small Snippet of a LOVERLY PART OF MY NOVEL.(highlight to read that!)
Anyways. So stay tuned to the Willa's Ramblings station! If we had one! Which we don't! And I'm using too many exclamation points! Stopping. Now.
I'm just cracking myself up! Allright. I need to go review now. STAY TUNED!
Your lovely Willa.


  1. AHH! I am so proud of you Willa! You should be so proud of yourself! That is so incredible! :)



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