Monday, August 29, 2011

Calling All Writers! The Newest Feature At Willa's Ramblings

Hello All!

I have a a wonderful announcement to make, and I hope you all are as excited as I am.
This blog, in cae you hadn't noticed, originally started out as a writing blog, but quickly became a book blog, and lost a bit of it's writing aspect. So, to spark the writer in all of us, and help those out there looking for help, I've decided to start a new feature... *drum roll*
Without further ado:
Calling All Writers! 
Now, to explain what will be happening, I've made a list I hope proved helpful.
  • I post a Calling All Writers Topic at the beginning of the week (Monday).
  • Throughout the week you (my readers) deeply think about the meaning of my post.
  • You post a little something on Sunday about the topic, adding your thoughts, opinions, examples of good uses, etc. 
  • You post a link back to my blog and if you use my images, you give me credit. (Thank you, very much.)
  • You come back and comment of the original post with the link to your post. Then, you check out some blogs and follow other people. Spread the love!
  • Got questions? Email me at
  • Last thing: Don't spam me. It takes over the inbox, and annoys me.
Since today is Monday, I'll start today! (Check out the post following this)

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