Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

On the blog, I wanted to honor the people that have helped me in ways you could never imagine. These people have helped me through hard times in my life, help me find the real me, or are always there for me.

First off, being part of such an amazing community as the book blogging one is an honor. These people are some of the most sweet, nurturing, caring, and fun people I know! If I ever need anything they are there, twitter feeds in hand, ready to answer my questions. They answer my questions, laugh with me, send me books, and encourage me every day. For this, I am forever thankful. Without them and this amazing community I would be a different person.
   I have to thank my family first. When I was little I remember always reading, laughing, and smiling with them, happy to be around them all the time. We've been through so much together, and I love you all. Thank you for supporting me and always feeding my passions with your love.
   My friends. You are the most incredible people I know. You give me hand-drawn birthday cards, text me that I'm the next J.K. Rowling, straighten my hair while eating Oreos at two in the morning, help me with Algebra at all hours of the night, and always have my back. You are the reason I am who I am. You all inspire me every day, and I promise you that you will be in my Acknowledgements section when I'm published. I promise. You deserve it more than anyone.
   Authors. If you are reading this, I love you. If you aren't, I love you. You are all my idols, and I look up to you like no one else. You do an amazing thing and inspire teens and children all around the world. Keep on rocking the world with your words and plot lines. We'll always listen.
Now we get specific.
   Ms. Langley. You inspired me to write. You share my book love. My author stalking tendencies. Because of you, I loved English class. Thank you for being my teacher and my amazing idol. See you Monday!
   Mrs. Mauser. How ever you rock so much? It's so hard to replicate! Thank you for telling about Teen Press Corps. For encouraging me. For always smiling and hugging me in the halls. For answering my questions. Thank you for being so darn amazing.
Hello dear Vy. You make me laugh like a crazy person!!!! You live in the city I wish I did, and whenever we talk, we always have fun. I love having another teen blogger in my life. YOU ROCK GIRL. Expect a package this Christmas!
   JESS. Hello darling. We tweet. We smile. We make BEA plans. We promise books! (Where is mine girl? *checks mail*) I can't wait for the readathon, and I hope you know that your blog rocks. And so do you. You know, just so you know. LOVE <3
   Katie! HELLO BIG SISTER! When I first tweeted you and you replied, I did a happy dance. No joke! Happy danced right there in that chair in the corner of my room. When you asked me to be your little sister, I squealed with joy. When you sent me Everneath I did another happy dance. When I got five books from HaperCollins (all because of YOU), I about had a heart attack. I took a picture of the label and sent it to Meredith. You support me every day. You laugh with me. You tell me that my blog looks great. Katie, you are one of the people I look up to. I LOVE YOU!
   And now, the reason this blog exists. MEREDITH! *applause sounds* I gave you a tweet yesterday, and I'm going to copy and paste it because everything I said was true. 
Person 2 I'm thankful for: . I forward her emails and ask her opinion, she edits everything I throw at her, she designs my blog. She smiles at me, lends me books, tells me I'm insane, helps me with algebra, but most of all, she's my best friend.<3
   Meredith, you are my best friend. You inspired me to be where I am today, writing on this blog, reviewing books, and following my dreams. You always read my writing and put little smiley faces when I have too much dialogue. You hoard Anna and Lola. We have 500 line long chats in Gmail. During the summer, we may not have seen each other that much, but we chatted. Holy god we chatted. I love how you meet me at BookPeople. How we both did ATBF Teen Press Corps. How we followed Stephanie Perkins together. We squealed after we met her. How we rushed down the stairs to catch Jenny Han. How shy you are with authors but how loud you talk with me. How you are always smiling and have your nose in a book and your head behind a screen designing my blog. How you may not answer your phone, but holy heck, you answer emails. I am promising you a dedication. You rock my world girl.
   At my birthday, you gave me a card. Inside, you said the following: "Always keep on rambling! I will always listen." And Meredith, you do. You are always there reading my posts. Replying to tweets. Telling me that my review rocked. You inspire me girl. Every day. Ever minute. You are my best friend, and no matter what the distance, this time in our lives can NEVER pull us apart. NEVER. I love you.

The people in my life are incredible. Without them, I wouldn't be the person I am, and for that I am forever thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving, and go give all those people you love a hug. They deserve it.



  1. Aww, Willa! Thank you! I think I might cry!

    - Meredith

  2. Aww :) How sweet. I hope these amazing people keep you blogging forever! BTW, congrats on 100 followers!

  3. Aww! Thanks so much Willa! I wish I had time yesterday to write a thank you post! You're so sweet! :) Love tweeting and talking with you and I can't wait to meet you at BEA <3 PS- email me your mailing address ;)


  4. I got three "aww!" for this post. I love you guys!

  5. AWWW!!!! I just want to fly over there and give you the biggest hug possible! But for now you must settle for a lame one...


    One day I'll make it to BEA and give you a real one :)


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