Friday, December 2, 2011

TGIF: Writing Reviews

Writing Reviews 101: What's your process for writing book reviews? Any tips or suggestions you would recommend to other bloggers?

I write my reviews the spur of the moment way - I get on Blogger when I know I need to, and I sit down and write that dang review. Lately with school, writing, homework, swimming, and all the other stuff I do that keeps my happy, it's been hard to find the time! But I'm trying to stick with my Wednesday and Sunday review days. So far it's been working well - except I didn't get one up yesterday... Expect one Saturday. Or Sunday. 
   I keep a "template" for reviews that occasionally goes spazzy, but it works. I use the template - fill in the questions, insert the picture, copy and paste to Goodreads review, and then write my words. I usually try to say something about:
  • Characters
  • Plot line - Interesting? Not? Why?
  • Love - Was it believable? 
  • Lastly, I try to say something to sum it all up. You know those blurbs? I try to do something like that.
For novice bloggers (I do consider myself one, by the way) try these steps to get in the habit of reviewing. It's fun - but remember you have made a commitment, so don't let your readers down.
  1. Write that review! At the beginning, review everything. The more you review = the more you get used to the grind. 
  2. Get a template going with the classic information people like to know. I'm always curious where bloggers got their books, for example. Don't forget a book cover! KEY!
  3. Pick days when you always review. No matter what - there's a review up. Get in the habit of getting them up in time and it will feel like second nature. Also, you'll remember, and say, "Hey, it's (day of the week), and it's time to write a review!"
  4. Write the reviews the night before they are posted. I found out about a lovely "schedule" button on Blogger, and I'm writing this post on Thursday night and 10:10. And hey! You're reading it on Friday! (It's magic. And it rocks.)
  5. Make a Review Archive. For readers and people finding your blog for the first time, they know how to find books and reviews of them.
  6. WRITE THAT DARN REVIEW. AND READ THOSE DARN BOOKS. I'm going to repeat this because it's important. No reviews = not a book blog.
Have fun! And go write that review. You know you want to.
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  1. Love your review tips for novice bloggers (and I'm one of them!). It's always helpful to know which days of the week you want to post a review; I find that I work better with a set schedule of sorts.

  2. lol no books read no book blog
    great tips willa

  3. Thanks you two! I love to hear the comments of readers! :)

    I checked out your blog Alexa - awesome!


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