Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get Smart Theme Thingy!

So I just wrote a tad bit from the Get Smart Inspired post. Wondering what you think!

         The only thing she remembered about that night was the noise, the crash, and the fire.  The house burning, her father trying to put it out, and never giving up. Taylor had been outside with her mother while they called 991.
         “DADDY!” She remembers screaming. No reply.  “DADDY!” She screams again, with still no reply.  How could he leave her out here?  “Daddy…” She whispers, and then falls to the ground. Her hands were shaking, tears rolling down her face.  It was the last time she cried.

         Taylor woke up with a start. Where was she today? She tried to remember. Home? Russia? Italy? She looked around, recognizing the posters her mother had bought that summer, and the cork board with pictures of her old friends.  Nothing was the same since the fire.
         She got up, pulling on the first pair of jeans she could get her hands on, when she remembered. Today was the day.
         Her closet door was ajar, the screen still light up from the previous night. Taylor pressed her hand to the screen and the door in the back of the closet slid open.  That’s where the real closet was.
         Her favorite blazer was clean, thank god. The dark jeans lay on a hanger from the last mission in… LA? She couldn’t remember. They still had soot on the leg, which made Taylor smile. Soot made her look tough, which was the look she tried to go for. She grabbed a satin white tank of the shelf and tugged on the clothes. Her hair bands lay in a pile on the dresser, right where she liked them. She grabbed the silver one, pulling her hair into a high ponytail. The pointed toe black boots lay in the middle of the floor, where she had left them last night. She grabbed them on her way out, making sure to scan her hand on the way out. No one stole her clothes.

         “Mission?” Her mom asked when Taylor showed up downstairs.
         “Italy, I think.” She said, grabbing the box of cereal off the counter.
         “Coffee?” Her mom asked, gesturing to the pot freshly brewed in the corner.
         “You serious?” Taylor had at least 2 cups a day.
         “Just asking,” Elaine had a problem with Taylor’s coffee drinking. Her last partner had turned her into a coffee drinker in Paris, and Taylor hadn’t quite given up the habit as her mother had asked.
         “Chief wants me there at 11.” The milk wasn’t expired, so Taylor finished making her cereal, and almost choked when she saw the time. 10:30.
         “To-go?” Her mom asked grabbing the mug from the cabinet.
         “Yeah. I’ll be right back.” Taylor set down the cereal and ran up to her room. 
         Where was it? She had ransacked the entire room. Where was her bag? Then she saw it. Sitting in the corner where she swore she hadn’t left it. Great. Now her mother would want to know who broke in, and Taylor would have to tell her the truth. She was looking for her bag, and it was sitting in plain sight. She looked down at her watch. 10:45. She had to go.
         “Bye Mom!” She yelled, grabbing her coffee on her way out to her Vespa.
         “Bye hon! Text m when you’re on the plane?” Her mother was way to overprotective. Taylor had considered emancipating herself many times. 
         “K! Bye!” She shut the door behind her, so glad she had a mission today. Her mother was getting on her nerves!

         The whole room stared when Taylor entered CIO. Her last mission had been a complete success, gaining intel that would change any future dealings with Russia, and Taylor was pretty proud.  She had even put on a bit heavier eyeliner in the bathroom.
         “Tay!” Piper popped up from at the end of the staircase.  Piper fit her perfectly, being a tall redhead with too many freckles. She also happened to be one of Taylor’s few friends. It was hard to trust anyone.
         “Hey Piper.” Being so high-strung could really wear her out sometimes.

More to come soon!


  1. Hey.

    I reallly like this :) You are a really great writer! I especially like the part when Taylor is like "home? Russia? Italy?". It just seems... you know... cool :).

    A little bit of advice: you might want to consider making the dialogue a bit less staccato-like. Like, consider adding a bit more to the dialogue between Taylor and her mom. BUT,anyways, that's just my opinion and it's supersuper good. I love it and hope you post more.


  2. Thanks so much Audrey! I really appreciate your comment!


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