Saturday, April 2, 2011

Books of an UNpublished author + more!

Hello readers!
First Order of Business: I have been thoroughly inspired by this ah-mazing girl, Angela, who's blog (an ongoing book of hers) is fantastic! Here is the URL: Books of an UNpublished author. Be ready to be amazed at her story.  I'm not going to ruin the first two chapters, but this story left me thinking about Kezia for days. I'm craving more!
Second Order of Business: MATCHED!  I have just finished the amazing book Mathed by Ally Condie. You can thank our amazing Meredith for that recommendation. :)  On Goodreads, Matched has not been getting amazing reviews for some odd reason. Well, people are entitled to their opinions. Personally, I loved Matched because it made me think. And dream. I thought about what could make a society turn into one like Cassia's. Dreamt of Ky and Xander.  For those of you attending TT4L, Ms. Condie will be there! Give her some hugs from me! I will unfortunately not be able to attend, becuase I didn't get my paperwork turned in in time.
Third Order of Business: I seem to be encountering some Writer's Block on Jonah/Last Song I Ever Sung and CIO. I'm much to interested in my short story that I'm writing for school. It's too interesting and fun! So, because I am not releasing any of it other than what's below this, you must wait for more. I have to get through my first Writer's Block. I can do this!
Dear Hannah,
    I'm sorry. I'm sorry I left. I had to. Don't worry, it wasn't you. It never was. You are the only reason I would have stayed. Just to smell your hair one more time. Watch the way you smile. Twirl my finger through your hair. Kiss you one more time. 
    I would give anything for that. Remember at The Backstreet when I told you "You'll have to wait and see."? Well, you are not only going to now know, but you'll know my story too. We'll be even.
    "We'll never be even Finn," I say out loud, "You're dead."
   Hannah, I love you. More than anything in the entire world. 
    I'm crying by now.
    I want you to know why I left, why I loved you, and who I am. No one else needs to know. Only you. Hannah, my love.
    Han, every second I had with you I will remember forever. Everytime you said my name. Every time you pulled my hair. Every time you tried to drill Calculus into my head. Every time we kissed. Every time you smiled. Every time we sat at the Starry Table at The Backstreet. You're the only thing that mattered this amazing month. I wish it could be a lifetime. Maybe it will be. 
    It never will. You're dead. Remember?
    Hannah, I never want you to think I left because of you. I didn't. I left for a reason you will soon discover. Just promise me-
    Anything Finn.
    You'll always remember me.
    Always. I promise.
    Go to this address: 1774 W. 7th Street, Somerville, WA. Tell them your name. Show them what I gave you. Your treasure hunt starts there. 
     I love you HAnnah Thomas. Forever and Always.
    I love you too. Forever and Always.



  1. WOW! That story is REALLY good! I'm not kidding. Keep up the great work Willa!


  2. I already love it, and all your other stories!!! Can't wait to read more!!! Good luck writing, Willa!!!:):):)


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