Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Official.

It's official. I totally forgot about Armchair BEA this week. About Wednesday night I just didn't check the website. Horrible, horrible Willa. And, in response to my horrible behavior, I have decided that I will not make up for the lost posts as my punishment. Bad me being punished. It need to happen.
Here is some more Bending Backwards for everyone.  Enjoy your reading time. Then, go read something much better and more interesting on your bedside table.

Chapter 4 ~ Haven
         “Oh my god. Did he-“ I am so jealous. JEALOUSY!
         “He did.” She is beaming, flooding with love.
         “You’re smitten.” I say, and hop onto the counter.
         “I am.” She says, and joins me.
         “I’m going to miss you like crazy.” I wrap my arm around her waist and put my head on her shoulder.
         “Me too. I wish you could come with me.” She places her head on top of mine and replicates my hug.
         “I can’t believe you’re leaving. Going to high school.” It seems like all my dreams are coming true for her.
         “I can’t either.”
         “Remember how we used to dream about it?” The only difference is that I still do.
         We would lie down on my bed with notebooks, designing our dream high school, prom dresses, and cheerleading outfits. (We had to be cheerleaders. I would head, obviously.) We would create our dream boyfriends, football players, of course. “I remember.” She says.
         “You will have to call me every day.”
         “Don’t worry. I’ll need someone to keep me sane.”
         “You will have to keep tabs on detail, cuz’ I’ll want ‘em all girl!”
         Then, we hear the first notes of Animal and she pulls me off the counter. “Let’s dance,” she yells, and we start to dance our rehearsed dance moves.
         “Oh, Oh, I want some more!” We yell together, “What are you waiting for???” We flop onto the gymnastics mat is the corner laughing. “God I’m gonna miss you,” she sighs.
         It takes all I have to say, “Oh stop it. I’ll come and visit with Zane. Don’t worry, you’ll see me girlfriend.” I hug her and then check the clock. “Gots to go. I go on in 5.” I do a backflip up and then blow her a kiss. “Wish me luck!”
         I hear her yell, “Good luck Haven,” behind me as I hand spring off.

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