Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Divergent: Book Review

Here is my long-awaited review of Divergent. I'm still getting over how incredible it was.
Book Review: Divergent
Book by: Veronica Roth
Review by: Willa Smith
Publisher: Katherine Tegen (Imprint of HC)
Published: May 3rd, 2011 (already published)
     One choice will determine Beatrice Prior's future. The choice doesn't have to be the one made by the simulation, but that is most people's choice. Beatrice could choose any of the aptitudes: Abnegation (where her family is from), Candor, Amity, Erudite, or Dauntless - but if her choice isn't Abnegation, she will loose her family and her life as she knows it forever. What will Beatrice choose? Abnegation, or follow who she is and what she believes in and leave behind the aptitude she knows?
     Divergent is incredible. That adjective doesn't really do it justice though, so go look incredible up in a thesaurus - the results are the description. Roth has created a world not very different from many dystopias, but unique in it's own way. The set up for almost ever dystopia is that there is a system, and the hero defies the system, which results in chaos. In Divergent, most of this does occur, but Beatrice isn't the cause. It's something bigger than Beatrice, and something she doesn't even really understand. Her society is so caught up in choices and difference between the factions, that everything else simply fades into the background - but Beatrice notices these things. The way the factions used to be, and the old peace that doesn't exist anymore.
     For many dystopia readers, Divergent will be there new Hunger Games, for readers who like romance, it will be the newest Twilight (without the vampires), for readers who love paranormal - sorry, nothing for you. Divergent can't be placed in a single category. That's why Beatrice is the perfect heroine and Divergent is such a good title. 4.5 stars for Divergent! Fantastic job debut author Veronica Roth - we love it!
      Oh, and by the way, I'm dauntless - as you can see. (That's the back of my hand.)

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  1. I'm going to go and buy this book, it's getting great reviews everywhere. I love dystopia.


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