Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last Little Blue Envelope: Review

I've finished The Last Little Blue Envelope, finally! Here's the review.

Review: The Last Little Blue Envelope    
Book by: Maureen Johnson
Book Review by: Willa Smith
Publishing Date: April 26th, 2011 (already published)
Publisher: HarperTeen

     Ginny opens up her email to find an email from an Oliver from London, who says he has found something that belongs to her.  That something is the 13th blue envelope that she lost on her previous European excursion, when her bag was stolen. He says he'll meet her in London, and that's where the games begin. Ginny is not only excited to be getting the envelope, but she's also super excited to see Keith, who's status for chatting has been dwindling over the last couple of months. Her plan is to surprise him with a Christmas present, and show him who much he means to her. 
     When she arrives in London, a few things turned out not quite as Ginny had planned. A few things that could definitely affect the last envelope's contents. But, like always Ginny makes the best of it, and finds friends and love along the way.
     The Little Blue Envelope novels are definitely not my favorite Maureen Johnson books. The beginnings are always a bit slow, and some of the events are just too predictable. As a reader, I wanted Johnson to surprise me, which didn't happen very often. Also, envelopes 1-12 provided a much more interesting story than envelope 13, which caused the entire storyline not all that exciting. Even with these dislikes, there were certain aspects of the story I did enjoy. I loved the ending of The Last Little Blue Envelope, and how you got to enjoy the changes in Ginny's character over the course of the two novels. Over all, I give The Last Little Blue Envelope 2.5 stars.

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