Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love is the Higher Law: Review

My first novel by David Levithan when he is not a co-author.

Review: Love is the Higher Law
Book by: David Levithan
Review by: Willa Smith
Published: August 25th, 2009 (already published)
Publisher: Random House
Love this cover!

     On September 11th, 2001, Claire is at school, Peter is at Tower Records buying a Bob Dylan album, and Jasper is asleep. All three of them experience it differently, Claire worried about her brother and mom, Peter staring at the gaping hole in Washington Square Park, and Jasper is picking up the pieces of paper that flew from the building. They all met before and will again after, except it will be different, because the conversations will centered around the attack, not what is happening at school. As they become friends - two of them even more - their friendship will always be centered around that one morning, that one day, that one year, and nothing will be the same.
     As I said, this is my first only David Levithan written novel, and it was definitely a good start. In my mind, Levithan is known for his short and concise writing style, and this novel he skips over time, which leads to a issue with character development. This is definitely a way to write, but not necessarily my favorite, simply because you know some characters better than others. Like for me, I got to know Jasper and the way he thought much more than Claire or Peter, and I think that is because Jasper was much more interesting and much more real. Claire wasn't mentioned as much, and Peter just seemed to perfect in a way. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed the novel - I just think the characters suffered a bit from the short and concise novel.
     I love that Levithan decided to write about this day and the way it affected each of these teens, because I wasn't in New York when it happened, so I don't know what it felt like to wake up and see a gaping hole in the skyline, or worry about your apartment being attacked, or walking to the memorial when you can't sleep - I didn't know that feeling, and I definitely got it from this novel, which I think was Levithan's goal. Levithan - a great novel - 3 stars from Willa.

Coming soon - The Realm of Possibility - also by David Levithan!

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  1. OOOH!! Look good! Need to read that one. I think the author is coming to Austin Teen Book Festival this year! :)


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