Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: A Field Guide for Heartbreakers

A surprisingly good read.
Book Review: A Field Guide for Heartbreakers
Book by: Kristen Tracy
Review by: Willa Smith
Published: June 1st, 2010 (already published)
Publisher: Hyperion Books

      Best friends Veronica and Dessy are going to Prague for a month to attend a writing workshop led by Veronica's mother, but the girls hope for more than a god story to come out of the experience. Dessy hopes to heal her broken heart-in Veronica's words "recycle it"-and Veronica hopes to conquer as many hot-dudes as possible. Together they learn about love, heartbreak, friendship, and everything that a month abroad could possibly mean. 
       This book was surprisingly good! The best friends are so very different, but I think that is what makes them so likable and charismatic.  Dessy is very cautionary, while Veronica believes that you should buy a suitcase that you can fit in in case of an emergency. An issue I had with this novel was the weird things that popped up. What purpose is an insane roommate who threatens to kill you to the story? Couldn't the roommate just be insane? It seemed as if the author had a lot of ideas, and tried to thread them into one plot line, and some of them made no sense. But, overall, the humour and hilarious moments were really worth the read! 2.8 stars for A Field Guide for Heartbreakers!

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