Friday, June 3, 2011

Thirteen Plus One: Book Review

Book Review: Thirteen Plus One
Book by: Lauren Myracle
Review by: Willa Smith
Release Date: 2010 (already published)
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

        Winnie Perry has finally turned 14, and now she is counting down until high school. But, she is running into a few problems along the way... Dinah and Cinnamon are both acting a tiny bit strange,  Lars got her a Starbucks card for her birthday, which worries Winnie. "A little piece of plastic?"  Sandra is graduating, and Ty takes home a penguin from the zoo. So, Winnie had a few things that she has to worry about, but knowing Winnie, she'll fix it, but mistakes will be made.
        I love all of Lauren Myracle's books because all of them have such humor. Winnie will make you laugh at all of the things that happen to occur in her summer. Cinnamon will make you smirk from her love for everything boys, and Dinah will make you smile from her kindness. All of these characters surprise you in the newest installment in the Winnie Years. 31/2 Stars!

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