Friday, June 3, 2011

Twelve: Book Review

Book Review: Twelve
Book by: Lauren Myracle
Review by: Willa Smith
Release Date: 2007 (already published)
Publisher: Dutton Children's Books
      It's finally here! Winnie has turned twelve, and it's glorious. A best friend who's wonderful, Dinah, and no problems, even if Sandra is sassy most of the time. Unfortunately though, Winnie isn't a little girl anymore. The time has come for bras, talks, and some drama, all things Winnie was not expecting. Friends will grow, romance will bloom, and there will be fun for all, with hopefully as few tears shed as possible. Winnie Perry is twelve. And it's lovely.
      This is definitely the most "coming of age" novel in The Winnie Years, and one of my favorites. I love how Winnie deals with everything new with such poise. Amanda comes back into the picture, and she really surprised me, and I think Winnie as well. Myracle wrote a wonderful novel, and one I think is a great "coming of age" story for girls that are twelve.

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