Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lola and the Boy Next Door: Book Review

Novel: Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Release Date: September 29th, 2011
Publisher: Dutton
Format: Hardcover Novel
Source: Austin Teen Book Festival
Budding designer Lola Nolan doesn’t believe in fashion . . . she believes in costume. The more expressive the outfit -- more sparkly, more fun, more wild -- the better. But even though Lola’s style is outrageous, she’s a devoted daughter and friend with some big plans for the future. And everything is pretty perfect (right down to her hot rocker boyfriend) until the dreaded Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighborhood.

When Cricket -- a gifted inventor -- steps out from his twin sister’s shadow and back into Lola’s life, she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door.
(Synopsis from Goodreads)

Willa's Rambles:
   I am so hesitant to post this review, simply because I feel like Lola will be ripped from my hands and shared with the world, but she already has been! (And she isn't mine to be protective over. Even thought I am protective of my shared copy.)
   Lola is amazing. She is this amazing girl with amazing talents and amazing friends, and an amazingly cool life. But, as always, something goes wrong. First, it's Cricket. Then it's Max. Then it's Norah (her birth mother). Lola has this fire inside of her that you can still access as a reader, which is hard to do, and incredibly fantastic! 
   Cricket.... Oh Cricket. Cricket is cool. Cricket is sweet. Cricket is as amazing as Lola! He is the perfect guy to come back into Lola's life and help her deal with the issues that will present themselves to her. He is always there for Lola, every day, every second. 
   Let me say this. I could go on and on, and on, and on, about Lola. But I won't, because somewhere in there I will give away the ending. (It made me cry.) The story of Lola will be like the story of Anna: you will stay up until you finish it, laughing with Lola, crying with Lola, yelling at Max (and Cricket!), until you flip that last page and absorb the fact that you are done. There will be lots of crying, screaming, and moping the next morning. (I'm just warning you!)
   I still can't get Lola out of my head, and I read (and finished) her the day I got her, which was October 1st. I want Lola and Anna to work at the movie theatre with me, Cricket and St. Clair to go to college with me, and spend every second with these characters, because they are like people to me. They are these amazing people who I love and can't let go of. 
   So go get your own Lola. You will love her as much as I do. 
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