Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF: Love-Hate Relationship

Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

Voldemort from Harry Potter
The perfect villain with the perfect name! Voldemort mean "flight of death" in French, if you didn't know that already. Voldemort is an amazing character who you hate because how evil he is to Harry, and his all around creepiness. 

President Snow of The Hunger Games
Always out to hurt more children... President Snow is the perfect villain, and Donald Sutherland has been cast as President Snow for the upcoming movie. Doesn't he look creepy? Shout out in the comments below!

Bellatrix from Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling mastered the villains. Bellatrix is not only creepy in the books, but she looks positively frightening in that picture. I mean, look at her face! 

Jane from Twilight
Creepy for what? Torturing people? And plus, Dakota Fanning looks absolutely terrifying in that picture. And very vampire-esque.

What did you think about our TGIF? It's from the amazing G-Reads done by Ginger! Check it out!


  1. I did not know that Voldemort meant flight of death - thank you for enlightening me! All of your choices are great - I especially agree with how creepy Dakota Fanning looks in that photo!

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